In a village in Cook County, Illinois resides, the formerly named Grossdale - Brookfield. Around 13 miles, or 21 kilometres rather, in the west side from Chicago, Brookfield’s former population was around 19,085, but that was based on the former 2000 census. The village’s total size is around 3.1 sq miles, or 7.9 sq km rather, this is based on the United States Census Bureau. While nearly all of Brookfield is under Illinois’ third congressional district, there are still some portions of the village, particularly the northernmost sector that are covered with woods and lie near the zoo, and are under the 4th district. In 1889, when Brookfield was still referred to as the settlement called “Grossdale”, Samuel Eberly Gross sold lands to people in the Burlington and Quincy Railroad line. The settlement provided suburban living at affordable prices to the working class-families. Brookfield’s popular tourist attraction is the world-famous Brookfield Zoo. It is under management of the Chicago Zoological Society. Notable people who reside in Brookfield are Douglas Campbell, Lou Saban, and Milt Bocek.