Located just two blocks south from the Millennium Park, the Chicago Architecture Foundation was established right across the Art Institute of Chicago. It is one of the prime tourist destinations for travelers who desire to learn more about the history of a particular city and how it came to be as it is known today. The Chicago Architecture Foundation provides locals and visitors alike a gateway into the deeper understanding of the architecture styles that dominate the city of Chicago in Illinois. One of the highlights of the Chicago Architecture Foundation is the large scale model of the entire downtown Chicago district. This model provides an overview of the different innovative ideas by the people that shaped Chicago into the cosmopolitan city it is known today. The Chicago Architecture Foundation also offers a total of 85 different tours of the downtown city and its surrounding neighborhood. Each of these tours provides travelers a unique glimpse into the Windy City. Walking tours are frequently featured to allow you to go around through the downtown district as you are surrounding by the towering skyscrapers. For a more unique approach to the appreciation of the architecture in the city of Chicago, book one of the many river cruise tours, which is a favorite among travelers visiting the city. For an entire hour and a half, you and your family take a boat ride down the Chicago River, offering you some of the breathtaking views of the city of Chicago. Tour guides assigned to these cruises will take you back in time by providing the history and surprising anecdotes behind each building and skyscraper.