The Fabyan Dutch Windmill is one of the best examples of authentic Dutch windmills in the entire United States. Located along Fox River Trail in Geneva, Illinois, this working windmill was built between the years 1850 and 1860 by a German craftsman named Louis Blackhaus using wood and other materials that were shipped from the Netherlands to the United States. In 1914, the windmill was purchase for an amount of $8,000 by Colonel George Fabyan, after whom the windmill was named after. The windmill was then dismantled and carefully reconstructed piece by piece to Fabyan's estate in Riverbank, now known as the Fabyan Forest Preserve. Over time, the windmill underwent some major renovations for it to continue on running in top condition using only the power of the wind as its main source of energy. Today, the Fabyan Dutch Windmill is currently listed in America's National Register of Historical Places. In 1980, it was given the distinction to be the design for the 15 cents US Postal stamp created in a stamp booklet entitled Windmills USA. The windmill remains to be a popular landmark at the Fabyan Forest Preserve and visited by locals and tourists all year round. Tours conducted by volunteers are held on a regular basis during the weekends. Apart from being able to venture inside the windmill to learn more about how it works, the Fabyan Dutch Windmill tours also allow you to take a glimpse into the contents of one of the time capsules that have been found buried in its walls during its renovation, which contains the names of the people who had worked in the mill as it had been home to a bakery at one point in time.