Springfield is the state capital of Illinois. Springfield is seated in the countryside, right near Sangamon Country. In the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Springfield, there are around 200,000 residences; this includes the vicinity of Sangamon County and Menard County, which is adjacent to that. It is surrounded by a vast countryside, as well as the Sangamon River and Lake Springfield, as it resides on one of the flattest planes in their area. The climate here includes warm and humid summers and cold and dry winters. Home to Abraham Lincoln, Springfield’s lands were originally populated with trappers and traders that migrated from the Sangamon. Old State Capitol is home to Hall of Representatives. If you are into greenery, you can go to the Fairgrounds. Other historical sites are Dana Thomas House, Edwards Place – the oldest home in Springfield, Elijah Iles House, Executive Mansion – Home of the Illinois Governor, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon and Vachel Lindsay Home. Apart from being rich in historical aspect, Springfield has numerous parks and sanctuaries. Some of the popular ones are Adams Wildlife Sanctuary, Carpenter Park, Gietl Park, Indian Hills Park and Lincoln Park. Being affiliated with food for the longest time, Springfield is said to be home of the Cozy Dog, a corn dog on a stick snack, the Horseshoe sandwich, and formerly the Reisch Beer Brewery.