Wild horses, and amazing beaches are what is in store for visitors to Assateague Island – just off Maryland and Virginia's eastern seaboard. This is actually a lengthy barrier island that is 37 miles long and visitors to the site find beautiful coves and bays, plus it's abundant marshes provide an excellent haven for various birds and wildlife. The island was actually connected to Fenwick Island until a hurricane in 1933 changed its landscape forever. Visitors to this beautiful island will find some excellent features to Assateague Island, which was designated as a National Seashore in 1965: • Campers will find some excellent camp sites both along the Seashore and in the State Park, and the scenery is absolutely amazing. • The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge will be a great adventure to nature lovers as well providing some amazing settings for photographers. • For those who love touring along the coast, kayaks are available, and this is an excellent way to see the wildlife along the shores. • The Assateague State Park is 800 acres of beautiful scenery and hikers and walkers will enjoy walking it many beautiful trails. • Be sure to look for the wild horses that are known as the Assateague horses and the Chincoteague ponies that are believed to be survivors of a shipwrecked Spanish galleon. • There are also large populations of birds that birdwatchers will enjoy. For tourist traveling to this area, be sure to spend some time at Assateague Island; it's enjoyable and relaxing.