When the town of Chestertown, Maryland was founded in 1705, it was identified as one of the six “Royal Ports of Entry”, and was a boom for shipping along the Chester River; it was Maryland’s second largest port. This is a great little town to enjoy for a long holiday weekend that provides a number of different activities.

Some of the things to do around the Chestertown are include?

• The Farmer’s and Artisans Market that is along Fountain Park is a bustling area where people can get fresh fruits and vegetables, and have a pick of various artisan’s wares to bring home.

• For visitors who enjoy sailing or boating, there are a variety of sailboat, kayak, and canoe rentals to enjoy boating up the river or around the harbor.

• When a town is known for their historic homes, there are bound to be old tales of haunting, murder, and the Old Ghost Walks Tours are great fun containing humorous ghost tales and folklore.

• For the outdoor-loving travelers, there are great places for camping, fishing, biking, and they have some great areas for horseback riding.

• Golfers will be sure to enjoy either of the two great golf courses in town.

• Bird watchers will be thrilled at the variety and number of their avian friends who call this area home for their nest and babies.

People traveling in the Chestertown, Maryland will have a great number of activities for and will enjoy the activities around town.