With all the places to see in Maryland, Rock Hall is a very quaint fishing village that has been residing on the beautiful eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay since 1707. It was largely known as a for its fishing and crabbing activities, and it was originally very important for tobacco growers. Today, it’s a lovely town that is a great place to spend a weekend or come for a special festival or celebration.

This lovely fishing village of Rock Hall has some festivities and activities that are great fun, such as:

• Since they are known as a major center for oystering, fishing, and crabbing there are plenty of opportunities to charter a boat and have some fishing fun.

• Hunters are very prevalent in this area during the various hunting seasons, particularly for deer, ducks, and geese.

• Nature lovers will enjoy the great places for hiking and the beautiful trails of the surrounding areas, and there are plenty of great areas for bicyclers and motorcyclists to enjoy a great ride.

• Birdwatchers and Ornithologists will enjoy the vast number of birds around this area from East Neck Island that houses the wildlife refuge to various other Maryland Parks in the neighboring area.

• There are also some excellent areas for camping, swimming, picnicking, and horseback riding.

When travelers find themselves in the beautiful area of Rock Hall, they can spend a great holiday at any of the celebrations or enjoy a wonderful weekend of camping, swimming, and fishing.