Another stop on the Freedom Trail is the Boston Public Garden, the largest garden in the city, and located in downtown Boston. This is a beautiful garden that has been around since 1837 when Horace Gray appealed to the city leaders to set the land aside for public use as a botanical garden, and it finally became recognized in 1856. This park is 24 acres of beautiful grounds, flowering gardens, statuary, a great place to stroll or have a picnic. There are plenty of wonderful paths that were originally designed by James Slade and John Galvin, and the statues and fountains add to the beauty and serenity of the park. There are plenty of interesting things to see within the Boston Public Garden, including: • Stop by one of the beautiful ponds, see the wonderful swans, and rent a Swan Boat and paddle around the lake to enjoy the afternoon. • Stroll through the many paths and enjoy the beautiful gardens and flowers; photographers and horticulturists will find this a wonderful haven to spark their imagination. • Be sure to find various statuary along the different paths including George Washington on horseback, the 'Good Samaritan' statue, the 'Angel of the Waters, and many more. • The suspension bridge is the world's shortest bridge of this type and was designed and built in 1867. • Picnickers will find some marvelous places to eat. This Boston Public Garden is one of the best places to spend a very relaxing day.