For people who love museums, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most memorable museums in America, and it's one of the largest, containing over 450,000 pieces of artwork. It's worth spending a good bit of time visiting. The museum was actually built in the 1870s and has been in residence at its current location for over 100 years. Generally, over a million visitors come to explore the incredible paintings and sculptures housed in this magnificent building each year. This current building was designed by Guy Lowell in 1907 and is designed with several spectacular galleries. Some fascinating displays to see in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts include the following galleries and exhibit:• A collection of French impressionist art including Gauguin, Cezanne, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Gogh, and many others in a permanent exhibit.• A collection of many famous American artists, including Sargent, Copley, Homer, and numerous others.• An incredible collection of Egyptian artifacts that include several artifacts, jewelry of the pharaohs, sculptures, and sarcophagus.• An extensive collection of both Japanese and Chinese artwork with many paintings and pottery.• The Gund Gallery currently features a wonderful Japanese garden located on the museum's grounds.• Other collections include various contemporary art, ancient world art, textiles, and various fashions. • There's also a gallery of musical instruments throughout history that is quite interesting.The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best museums to spend a day in.