One of the most notable landmarks in Boston is the incredibly fascinating Museum of Science that is located near downtown along the Charles River. This amazing museum has more than 500 exhibits that are interactive and very interesting to visitors of all ages. This museum was originally built in 1830 and was called the 'Boston Society of Natural History' museum that was started simply by a group of people who wanted to share their fascination with science, and it was a place that exotic hunters could display the skins and taxidermy animals they captured in Africa or elsewhere around the world. Within this Museum of Science, there are a wide variety of exhibits to interest all visitors crossing the threshold, such as: • There are numerous scientific displays such as the Fresel lens that were used in many lighthouses. • Many of the costumes and props from The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies because the premier was originally shown here. • For the Computer enthusiast, the Computer History Museum is located here, and one fascinating one is the Computer Revolution exhibit. • The Theater of Electricity is home to the largest generator in the world. • The Discovery Center allows kids to participate in experiments with the resident scientists. • A scale model of the solar system is also included in this museum that spans all the way to the Riverside station. • The Museum shop is great for souvenirs. The Museum of Science has the most interesting exhibits.