One of the most popular aquariums in America is the New England Aquarium that resides in Boston, Massachusetts. This museum is along the harbor's waterfront, and was actually built just over 40 years ago. It is most know for setting the standard in providing more natural settings for the fish and marine species that call this wonderful aquarium home. It's famous for the research and educational programs that are available. This aquarium is home to more than 600 species and over 20,000 actual creatures. This is a great place to spend a day while in the Boston area. There are some great things to see and do in this spectacular New England Aquarium that includes: • The Giant Ocean tank with over 200,000 gallons of water and contains an incredible coral reef resembling those found in the Caribbean with turtles, sharks, barracudas, and many more. • The Penguin exhibit is a must see and contains various species including the Rockhopper, African, and Little Blue penguins. • There are three levels of smaller aquariums that have some of the most exotic and unique fish and marine animals from around the world. • Make sure to check out what is playing at the IMAX Theater; it's guaranteed to be fascinating. • For those fortunate to be in Boston between April and November, take one of the whale watching trips that are sponsored by this aquarium. Certainly, one of the most memorable days in Boston will be spent in the New England Aquarium.