One of the most historic districts in America is Quincy Market in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, near Faneuil Hall; construction was completed in 1826, as something of the original indoor 'malls' because it had numerous shops and vendor's stalls. The designer was Alexander Parris, and was the brainchild of Mayor Quincy, who actually had the entire structure built without additional taxes or debt to the city. This wonderful building covers over 27,000 square feet of space and is two stories high, and made from the beautiful New England granite and red brick. Quincy Market is one of those places that no one coming to Boston should miss, because of the activities including: • Walking through the Freedom Trail certainly makes everyone hungry, and with the abundance of restaurants in this marketplace, everyone will find food they love, and it's a great place to eat and watch people. • The Comedy Connection is one of Boston's best places for comedy, and a great place for a hilarious show. • There are so many places to shop in this marketplace that they can't all be thoroughly visited in just one day, particularly when they are spread out between the North Market and the South Market wings of the building. • Downstairs in the basement, and certainly spread throughout the building, are several bars, many with live bands, dancing, and karaoke. • There are mimes, jugglers, and musicians to entertain throughout the building. Shopping, eating, and amusement are only part of Quincy Market's activities.