The Sam Adams Brewery, in Boston, is one of the most famous breweries in American and produces the Samuel Adams beer. Samuel Adams was one of the most famous American Patriots, but he was not the one who started this brewery, it was simply named after him for his role in the American Revolution and certainly his role in the Boston Tea Party. He did brew his own beer, as did many people during this time. The recipe for this beer was originally developed in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1860, and was originally called the 'Samuel Adams Boston Lager' beer. Tours of this brewery are available, as well as samples and various Sam Adams paraphernalia. Just be aware, visitors must be over 21 years old to visit the brewery, and the legal US identification is required; international IDs are not accepted. Within the Sam Adams Brewery, there are several interesting aspects that would entice visitors to take a tour, such as: • The Brewery Tour lasts about 45 minutes and explains the history of the brewery, the ingredients in the beer, standards with which it is made, and the brewing process. • Visitors over 21 will be able to taste one of the numerous flavors of beer that are created at this brewery. • Visitors will learn about the styles of beer, the types of beer, and pairing the beers with specific foods. • A market allows people to take their favorites with them. The Sam Adams Brewery is an interesting tour.