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Missouri is called the Show Me state. Now that sure says a lot about the type of people you can run across while visiting this Ozark paradise! Rather than take it the wrong way, it is safe to safe that Missourians know their own minds and are not intimidated easily. That sounds more like a positive trait when put that way!

Once part of the Louisiana Purchase, Missouri became the 24th state to join the Union in 1821. Known for its lush vegetation of beautiful trees and rolling hills and its abundance of lake waters beginning towards the southern half of the state, Missouri is a vacationer’s dream. In particular, the area referred to as the Ozarks, named after the mountains located in the region, and is one of the nation’s most famous tourist areas.

Missouri has two large anchor cities that hold up the two northernmost corners of the state, Kansas City in the northwest and St. Louis in the northeast. Both of these huge metropolitan areas contribute much to the tourist appeal of the area. There is not much that either of these two places doesn’t offer even the most persnickety of travelers. Each city has in its own professional sports teams that draw many to the city’s for each playing season. The Kansas City Royals baseball team and the St. Louis Cardinals club are rivals of long standing that keep Interstate 70 busy during the weeks of their competitions. The Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Rams are equally positioned to enjoy a state-friendly rivalry during the professional football season.

St Louis is known for its famous landmark of the 630 foot archway that stretches across the Mississippi river in its downtown section. This helps mark it as the slogan states “The Gateway to the West”. The Gateway Arch is open for a tram trip up to the top of the structure which provides memorable views and photo opportunities. If your budget and stomach will allow, you may also book a tourist’s dream and ride a helicopter above the city to get an even better bird’s eye view of your surroundings. Besides this well known city site, St. Louis has so much to offer families who want to get away for a weekend or those desiring a longer stay of several days. There are literally scores of child-centered activities to see and do that it will be difficult for families to choose which ones to visit. What an exciting trip to be able to visit St. Louis’ premiere free of charge entertainment offerings such as the Art Museum, City Zoo, Science Center and Missouri History Museum.

For the thrill seeker visiting St. Louis, there is always the Six Flags St. Louis Amusement park to whet their appetite. Or perhaps they could take in an exciting car race at the Gateway International Raceway. There’s all kinds of excitement brewing in St. Louis!

On the other side of the state about a four hour car trip away lies Kansas City, a sister city of St. Louis that provides just as great a place to live or visit as it is also located on a large river, the Missouri, and has much the same flavor. Although St. Louis boasts an older history, Kansas City can’t be left behind for lack of interesting pasts. Its area was the scene of many pre Civil was battles, mainly fought over slavery issues. It was also a noted crossroads where the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trails passes and later the railway yards that developed along the river bed also contributed to its growth. Besides being a boon to the economy, the railroad also served as a means for new migration into the area which helped make it grow and prosper even more.

If you would rather visit Missouri and stay out of the big city lights, then head for the area located in the southern region known as the Ozarks. This is a beautiful part of the state that features heavily wooded rolling hills set around great clear-water lakes for fishing and camping. This is also an area created by tall rising bluffs and awesome underground caves for exploring. In the area of Branson, Missouri, located within in the Ozarks, a center point of development for country western entertainment in an air and style of the Grand Ole Opry has arisen. Whether you wish to get away for a fantastic outdoor experience of camping, fishing, boating and hiking, or would rather stay in great hotels and plan to visit some of your favorite Country/Western entertainment stars, choosing the Ozarks as a place to have a fun filled family get away makes good sense.

Although Missouri is known for a population that descends from headstrong ancestors of pioneer stock, they have a reason to be loyal to the area that has served them well through the years. Missouri is a state that has a little bit of something for everyone in it. Plan your visit today!
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