This peninsula, in New Jersey, resides in a stretch of land between Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and the city named after it is part of the Ocean City Metropolitan area. The population of the city is of around 4000 residents, but in the summer a lot more come to this place, who are attracted by its gorgeous landscapes and sights. For tourists the main attraction is the older buildings in the Victorian style. Another great attraction is the number of incredible seaside resorts in the area, in fact Cape May is one of the top ten locations in America for its beaches and this for sure has allowed the place to grow and expand in terms of tourism. With temperatures that are great in the summertime and that do not chase you off in the winter, Cape May is the perfect example for the humid subtropical climate. There are indeed precipitations that are spread almost evenly during each month but all in all it is a mild and tender climate that invites you to have a good time and to enjoy yourself. Tourism is what makes the economy of the stretch and as such a lot of restaurants, shops, and an assortment of lodgings are available for anybody with an interest. A nice fishing trip is possible during your Cape May stay to keep you entertained for your days away from work.