New Jersey has some wonderful places that you can use for your free time of for your vacation but when you have nature in your mind then you can't go wrong with a stroll in Island Beach State Park. It is found in the Barnegat Peninsula in the Ocean County and you will find that its maintenance and operation is guarded by the state departments of Forestry and Parks. The park is a tourist attraction and for all the good reasons because it offers some of the greatest beaches in the zone. It offers swimming, fishing and kayaking experiences to those with a taste for the seaside pleasures and for the more adventurous of people some crazier dune buggy expeditions can be put in place and enjoyed. The Beach State park however has some places that are restricted in terms of access to the public. Some of the parts in the north, which cover around 659 acres are used for species preservation and may not be used by everybody. One of the greatest means of getting to know the place is by a boat ride. In fact, a boardwalk extension will allow those in Barnegat Bay to visit the great boating opportunity as easily as driving from the main road to the place. You can also go for a flora expedition which displays quite a few rare species of plants such as the Pitch Pine, or the American Holly varieties.