Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, offers quite a different type of experience that one shouldn't refuse. The facility offers a great array of scientific exhibits and, as a novelty, it features the greatest IMAX dome in the entire US. It is for sure a great place for educational resources and for those with an interest in science and technology. Quite recently, on July 19, 2007 the museum has finalized an expansion renewal project, the entire value of the works being estimated at 109 million dollars. The facility has incorporated a 100,000 square feet of new spaces. This wasn't intended for exhibition purposes but rather to diversify the offerings of the complex which now has included some open spaces and a few other amenities. One of the interesting exhibits that are currently on display is named 'Eat and be Eaten' which is meant to explore the relationship between animals in different reigns and it offers displays of live wild animals and other interesting offers. Another display is known as 'Communication' and its scope is the human language through its many forms and methods of dissemination. Another interesting offering has to be the 'Our Hudson Home' which explores the local Hudson River ecological balance and wildlife. All in all the Liberty Science Center is a hands on serious approach to the scientific domain of museum display methods and it can offer the best experience to anyone with the slightest interest in natural life, communication and other aspects of the scientific domain.