The Ocean City of New Jersey is situated in the Cape May County and it is quite a small town, with a population that generally doesn’t exceed 15,000 but in the summertime a lot of tourists and owners of houses that are meant to be used in the free time come back to the place and as such it’s population goes up to amounts as high as 130,000. One very important aspect of this location is its position very close to the seaside and the fact that the city has won numerous awards in regard to the quality of its beaches. In 2009 for instance it has been known that New Jersey ranked first in a top of the worldwide beaches, it was for sure the most quality setting to be around. What’s even more important is the fact that the city is also considered one of the greatest places where a whole family can go for their vacation time, as in 2005, the Travel Channel Show has designated it as such. For those with a love for aquatic related activities on their mind a lot of fun can be had while at the Aquatic Fitness Center. Here a pool as long as 25 meters can be used and it also features equipment to help those with cardiovascular problems. It can be easily found on the 1735 Simpson Avenue. All in all, a great city that anyone should visit, especially families or bigger groups looking for relaxation.