Asheville is located in North Carolina’s bustling Buncombe County. It is also part of the four-county Asheville Metropolitan Statistical area. About 80,393 residents live in this city, which was heralded as the largest in Western North Carolina. The history of Asheville as a town began in 1784, when Major William Davidson thrived by the Bee Tree Creek. The town was initially called “Morristown,” but it was renamed to Asheville in 1797, after Samuel Ashe, who was governor of the state then. Although Asheville has the same humid, subtropical climate of the southeastern US, the residents get to enjoy cooler temperatures because of its high altitude location. The summers are not that deathly warm as well. Since 2009, Asheville has been named as Beer City USA, with its proximity to the nine breweries located in Western North Carolina. American Style named Asheville as America’s Top 25 Arts Destination, due in part to the fact that it plays home to the Art Deco City Hall, the Basilica of St. Lawrence, Jackson Building, and the Grove Arcade. Just this year, Good Morning America hailed Asheville as one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America. After all, Asheville is home to beautiful antique places such as the Montford Area Historic district, which is famous for its elaborate Victorian Houses. The lovely Biltmore Village is also famous for architecture that is only unique to Asheville.