Cape Hatteras is situated in North Carolina on the Atlantic coast of North America. A bend in the Hatteras Island which is part of the Outer Banks, came to be known as Cape Hatteras. It is a haven for recreation and reflection but is exposed to tide, storm, current, and wind which occur constantly. Just off Cape Hatteras two major Atlantic currents Florida current and Labrador Current collide creating turbulent waters and a large expanse of shallow sandbars. Hurricanes frequently strike Cape Hatteras causing devastation. Cape Hatteras experiences humid subtropical climate. The winters are mild and the summers are warm and humid. The climate here is characterized by winds which range from gentle breezes to strong northeast storm winds. The local weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes snowfall does occur. Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year but mostly occurs in the latter half of the summer. There is a variety of plant and animal life here. Sea turtles can be found nesting on the sandy beaches and deer run around seeking shelter in the woods. The seashore houses large and small creatures that live on land and in the water along the seashore. There are many opportunities for recreation along the shoreline. The lighthouse is a big attraction. One can also look for seashells or go fishing. The peace and beauty of the shoreline is a rejuvenating experience.