Located in Dare County, North Carolina, is a town named Kitty Hawk. In early 1700s, it was called as Chickahawk or Chickehawk. It was renamed by the citizens to the name we know it day by the end of the century. Now, the town of 8.23 square miles is home to about 3000 denizens. The town, which is situated on the outer banks of the state, is included in North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district. Kitty Hawk is often mistaken as the place where the Wright Brothers first set flight in December 17, 1903. The truth is, the Wright Brothers tested their planes at nearby Kill Devil Hills. The brothers, after a successful try or two, would walk to Kitty Hawk to send a happy telegram to their father from the town’s Weather Bureau office. Kitty Hawk takes pride in its beautiful beaches and seaside communities. The Kitty Hawk Woods is also home to a great array of wildlife, such as the raccoon, white-tailed deer, muskrat, river otter, and gray fox, to name a few. Visitors and horse riders can enjoy the beauty of mother-nature by trekking on its trails. Many high-tech transportations were inspired by the town. They were the ship USS Kitty Hawk or AKV-1, carrier USS Kitty Hawk of CV-63, the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber or AV-19, and the Apollo 14 command module. In fact, the crest of the USS Kitty Hawk ship is in display at the town’s hall.