Nags Head is one of the towns located in North Carolina’s Dare County, and is home to about 2700 dwellers. There are two theories as to where the town got its name. First, it might have been inspired by the island of Nag’s Head, which is near England’s famous river Thames. Another theory points to the lights suspended on the heads of the mules by wreckers who try to direct ships to capsize near the shore so they can pilfer the contents and valuables inside the ship. It was in 1830 when Nags Head started to become famous as a leisure resort area. Visitors frequent the beach near Roanoke Sound and the Jockey’s Ridge. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy any of the Nags Head, Jennette’s or Outer Banks pier. Kids can enjoy mini golf courses and amusement parks located within the town proper. Another great attraction of the town is the Jockey’s Ridge, which was considered as the biggest sand dune in the east coast. Throughout time, the dune has managed to cover the Old Nags Hotel and a miniature golf course. The castle that has not been covered with sand continues to be what landmark of what remains to be the two locations. Because of the topography of Jockey’s Ridge, it has been the top choice for hang-gliders and kite flyers. The Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, considered as a National Natural Landmark in 1974, has 1092 acres of land which is kept in close watch up until today.