Oklahoma City Bricktown is located right in the heart of the Oklahoma City and is considered as the premiere Entertainment District in the state of Oklahoma. Once a warehouse neighborhood inhabited by blue collar employees and factories, the Oklahoma City Bricktown today is a vibrant display of shopping centers, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and sporting facilities. Indeed, Oklahoma City's Bricktown is perhaps the most happening place you would ever visit in the state of Oklahoma. The best way to enjoy Oklahoma City's Bricktown is by foot. There are a number of different guided walking tours that would allow you to discover much of Oklahoma City's Bricktown. This is a definite must if you are visiting the district for the first time. The walking tours would take you through some of the most popular spots in the district which you may want to explore further at a later time. For something a bit more relaxing, take a taxi ride down the canal. For a minimal fee, the taxi ferry will pick you up on certain marked areas right beside the canal that runs through the district, dropping you off right at your destination. It is also a great way to explore Oklahoma City's Bricktown at night as the district comes alive with music and lights. One of the most popular spots in Oklahoma City's Bricktown is its amusement park. Located right in the center of the district, the amusement park not only changes its theme during the season, but the rides are changed as well.