The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum was founded back in 1955 and is currently the premiere institution where travelers from all over the world will learn about the rich tradition, culture and art of the West. Each year, millions of locals and tourist alike visit the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum to get a better understanding of the Wild West culture, which is a cornerstone of the American culture that the United States takes pride in. The museum is home to a variety of different artworks by some of the most notable artists in contemporary and classic Western art, including Frederic Remington and Charles Russell. In the exhibition wing, visitors to the museum are treated to interactive galleries focusing on the American Wild West, firearms that were developed and created during the Victorian era, and Native American culture. One of the most popular collections housed in the museum is the William S. and Ann Atherton Art of the American West gallery. The collection boasts more than 2,000 remarkable artworks and pieces that guarantee to be a delight to the senses. At the entrance of the collection stands an 18 foot marble sculpture created by Gerald Balcair and lovingly named the Canyon Princess. Visitors to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum can explore the museum through a number of guided tours offered by the museum. Guide tours for children and adults are offered daily and can be booked in advance. All of these tours have been developed based on the Oklahoma Curriculum Guide making the museum a common field trip venue for different schools located within the Oklahoma City area.