There are so many great places throughout the eastern seaboard to visit, and the National Civil Was Museum is just such a place. It's located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and was established to preserve the memory and various artifacts related to the American Civil Ware during the 1860s. This museum honors a variety of organizations and since 2009 it has been associated with Washington, D.C.'s incredible Smithsonian Museum. The exhibits are set up to focus on the complete story of the Civil War from both the Confederate and Union's points of view. There are a variety of galleries in the National Civil Was Museum that visitors will find fascinating, such as: - The First Shots gallery from 1861 that was famous for the first shot that started the war at Fort Sumter. - The Making of Armies gallery depicts how both the Confederate and Union armies trained, recruited, and equipped their soldiers. - Weapons and Equipment is another gallery that contains a wide array of guns, cannon balls, and other military equipment from both armies. - The gallery of the Battle Maps contains the maps of both areas where the battles were all held and identifies how movement of the troops on both sides. - One of the most recognized figures of the Civil War era was Abraham Lincoln, and the Lincoln: War and Remembrance gallery highlights the role President Lincoln played in the war. There are numerous other galleries in the National Civil Was Museum that's historically accurate and fascinating.