One of the most well known artist and filmmaker in America was Andrew Warhol, and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg depicts his life, his work, and many of his exhibits. He was a child of immigrants from Slovakia in the late 1920s. The museum is part of a collaboration of the Dia Art Foundation and the Carnegie Institute along with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. It's an 88,000 square foot facility and is designed with 17 galleries that feature over 8000 pieces of art and print that over nine million guests view each year. While visiting The Andy Warhol Museum take a look at the various exhibitions, including: - The exhibitions of art, sculptures, photographs, videos, and drawings are the greatest collection of the memorabilia of Andy Warhol. - The museum is host to a variety of traveling exhibits from around the world. Check out the calendar when visiting to find what is currently showing. - A vast number of videos and films are shown in various parts of the museum and they provide a great deal of information about the artist and his life. The museum's theater has productions daily that are interesting and educational. - The Archives Collection contain nearly 500,000 objects including scrapbooks, art supplies, posters, and audio tapes and is considered the greatest single collection in existence of his work. For travelers who always enjoyed the work of this unique artist, The Andy Warhol Museum contains the best collection in the world.