For people traveling in Pennsylvania, one of the greatest museums that guests should visit is the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. It was built in 1895 and contains one of the most incredible collections of art, video, and film in North America, and it was Andrew Carnegie's dream of combination art gallery and library. Carnegie love art and particularly what he called the 'Old Master if Tomorrow' which translates to the best new artist producing modern art. There are many galleries and interesting things in the Carnegie Museum of Art, which include such areas as: - The Hall of architecture that was built in 1907 is an incredibly unique collection of 140 life size plaster castings of buildings from Egypt, Rome, and ancient Greece as well as other primeval civilizations. - The Hall of Sculpture that is designed to match the inner sanctuary of the Parthenon and contains 69 sculptures based on Egyptian, Greek, Near East, and Roman cultures. - The Scaife Galleries contain an amazing collection of American and European art as well as Egyptian and African works. - Ailsa Mellon Bruce Galleries that contain bronze casts reproductions from Herculaneum and Pompeii, in addition to the 500 works from American and European 18th century designs. - Forum Gallery and the Works on Paper Gallery are also some of the most interesting exhibits in the museum. For visitors who are looking for an extremely interesting museum to spend the day, the Carnegie Museum of Art is worth the time.