Continuing the great dream of Andrew Carnegie is the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The center dates back to 1939 and is the most popular museum in the area. When it was integrated with the Carnegie Institute the new building was completed at a cost of $40 million. There are so many excellent galleries and exhibits to see in the Carnegie Science Center, including the following: - The largest model train in America is located and it's a fantastic reproduction of the Western Pennsylvania railroad system beginning in the 1890s, and it dates back to the early 1920s. - Roboworld has been labeled the 'world's largest permanent robotics exhibit' and is an incredible display of over 30 working robots, and it's home to the Robot Hall of Fame. - The Buhl Planetarium is an incredible domed building that has some excellent programs and displays on the farthest areas of the universe and guests are thrilled by amazing nebulas, global clusters, and planets. - The Sea Scape is an amazing underwater exploration in a 2000 gallon tank featuring a live coral reef and more than 400 various plants and marine life. - Come on board the Requin, a state-of-the-art submarine that was the Navy's first Radar Picket. - Everyone should visit the Science State for the most amazing demonstrations and exhibits. When traveling anywhere near the Pittsburgh area, stop at the Carnegie Science Center and be entertained and delighted with the exhibits – plus everyone will learn something new and fascinating.