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Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

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One of the most interesting and educational places to take kiddos is the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. It opened in 1983 in the existing Allegheny Post Office and it has some outstanding programs for children of various ages. It was expanded in the early 2000 to incorporate with the Buhl Planetarium nearby. There are a variety of exceptional exhibits and programs that help children learn about various topics and they are interactive; allowing the children to create various projects in the assorted areas of the museum.

When guests discover this Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, they will return time and time again to see these various exhibits, including:

- The attic challenges the senses with the Gravity Room where everything is tilted at 25° creating an amazing sensation, the Phosphorescent Room which allows the kids to cast interesting shapes with the foam props, as well as the puppet show at the Animateering. Be sure to see Pepper's Ghost and let the ears be the guide to the 3D Sound Room.

- There are a number of traveling exhibits that are here throughout the year, such as Whoosh, an exhibit about air.

- The Waterplay area allows kids to create a boat and float it down the River as well as many other interesting water activities.

- The Interactive Art exhibit allows the kids to participate in various art activities.

For those who need something educational and entertaining for the kids, visit the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh – they'll love it.

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