Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is home to some of the best museums, and the Fort Pitt Museum is at the juncture of the Monongahela and Allegheny River at the head of the Ohio River. This is an historically significant area because allowed the troop to control the upper Ohio River Valley, which was particularly important during the American Revolution. Fort Pitt was built in 1758 by the British and it also played an important role during the Whiskey Rebellion. It's located at Point State Park and is a 12,000 square foot museum that is located in a two story building. This Fort Pitt Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute and is the largest historical museum in Pennsylvania and it opened in 1969, recreating some of the unique history of the Western Pennsylvania area. This includes figurines that depict reenactments of the French and Indian War, as well as several battles that were fought during the American Revolution. There are a variety of interactive exhibits that include life sized figures and numerous authentic artifacts from the wars and the lives of the people during these eras. This museum provides some excellent historical information about the important role that this region of the country played in forming the United State. This Fort Pitt Museum is an excellent museum where families can learn about this fort's contribution and historical significance during a number of battles that were fought here. Not only was it significant during these various wars, but in the founding of Pittsburgh.