In a city full of museum, another excellent museum of modern art is The Mattress Factory Art Museum located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It boasts some unique galleries and has some truly amazing room-sized exhibits that were so large they had to be created at the museum because they were too large to be moved through the doorways. A variety of media is used in many of these exhibits that will delight and amaze all the senses, and it's operated since 1977. There are some remarkable exhibits in The Mattress Factory Art Museum, such as the following: - One of the gallery's exhibitions is the Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art that highlights the debate of racism in Cuba and around the world. There are 12 artists who were invited to display their artwork in this exhibit including Pedro Alvarez Belkis Ayon, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Douglas Perez, and several more. - There are ten permanent exhibits that feature the art of William Anastasi, Jene Highstein, Rolf Julius, Bill Woodrow, Alan Wexler, James Turrel, and some very unique exhibits from Yoyoi Kusama. - For the shoppers who want something to remember this truly unique museum by, the Gift shop offers some of the most intriguing gifts that include coffee makers, plates, watches, t-shirts, geometric lights, cups, and tote bags. The Mattress Factory Art Museum has some excellent exhibits that art lovers will truly appreciate the various artist's contemporary styles, and it's a great place to relax and enjoy the day.