America's largest Aviary is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is known as the National Aviary. This aviary is home to more than 600 birds that are 200 different species, many of which are endangered, and it's considered to have the greatest assortment of any aviary in the country. Some of the rarest birds, such as the Blue Winged Mountain Tanager, Scarlet Headed Blackbird, Green Backed Trogon, Pompadour Cotuinga, and many more have found their home in this excellent facility. Some of the areas that visitors to the National Aviary will find very popular include: - One of the newest exhibits is Penguin Point, that is home to eleven African Penguins and it has a great tank that allows both underwater and above ground viewing. - The Raptor Experience has some incredible birds of prey and visitors get to learn about these amazing predators that includes, eagles, falcons, owls, hawks, and many more.; - Many birds are quite striking, but somehow their Flamingo Connection finds guests surrounded by these gorgeous pink flamingos and they have as much fun with the guests as the guest have feeding them their favorite treats. - There are a number of educational programs for kids of various ages, just check the schedule for the most appropriate program for the age group. The National Aviary in Pittsburgh is home to some of the most amazing birds on the planet, and it's a fantastic exhibit for visitors to enjoy the wide variety such as penguins, eagles, flamingos, and others.