Talk about one of the most interesting waterfalls in the world, Ruby Falls in underground in a cave that was formed around 240 million years ago during the Carboniferous era, towards the end of the Paleozoic period. The Ruby Falls Cave is a limestone cave that is part of the Lookout Mountain Caverns. For the spelunker enthusiasts, this is a truly fantastic cave to visit. For those outdoorsy travelers, Ruby Falls is in a beautiful area of eastern Tennessee, year round, there are numerous activities here, including: 1. Join the Lantern Tour with just a handful of other guest to tour the caverns guided only by the lights for the lanterns that guests carry. This tour is available year around. 2. For novice and seasoned photographers, Foto at the Falls is a tour designed for the camera bugs in the crowd. This tour allows photographers to bring their tripods allowing them to take pictures from unique perspectives of the caverns and falls. 3. How about spending Halloween underground? The Haunted Cavern tours is an extreme tour that bring terror 260 feet underground and is considered the Premier Haunted attraction near Chattanooga. Ride down the Helevator and take the Last Ride, but this is only for those who dare. 4. Christmastime finds the Deck the Falls event with a spectacular holiday light and music show in the cave around the waterfall. Ruby Falls is a beautiful place to view the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave along the way to this truly amazing underground waterfall.