The Torpedo Factory Art Center stands at the Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia State, United States of America. It is located at the waterfront of River Potomac and is proud to play host to 500,000 visitors annually.
It houses the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, the studios of 82 artists, has six galleries and two workshops. It also has an Art League School. This museum was initially a torpedo factory and storage site for ammunition. Here, over 165 visual artists create artwork in ceramics, painting, stained glass, printmaking, photography, sculpture, fiber and jewelry. The artists invite visitors to work with them in their studios and watch them at work. Visitors are free to ask questions, learn as much as they can from these various art forms at work and buy any work on display. The six galleries located here include the Target Gallery, The Art League Gallery, Enamellists' Gallery, the Scope Gallery which specializes in ceramics, and the Multiple Exposures Gallery which deals in photography and the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery. The Factory Art Center attracts artists from the state and across the region while people from all over the world visit it. This center is a working instance of how the arts can energize a community and stand out as a center for the facilities of visual arts facilities internationally. When you visit Alexandria next, do come by the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Then, walk down the waterfront, wander around its shop and walk down its historic streets and dine in any of its many fine dining restaurants.