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Top 7 Attractions in Richmond

  • Richmond, Virginia, USA, is home to the famous Museum of the Confederacy. This monument houses what was the White House of the Confederacy and contains a wide collection of manuscripts, photographs and artifacts depicting the American Civil War and the Confederate States of America.

    In 1896, it was opened as the Confederate Museum. It was founded by the society ladies of Richmond. Since then, it houses the largest collection of artifacts, memorabilia, personal effects and other items of important heroes of the USA like Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, John Bell Hood, Thomas Jonathan Jackson, Joseph E ...

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  • In 1970, the Science Museum of Virginia was begun. It was founded by the Virginia General Assembly and, over the years, has become the No. 1 center for teaching science hands-on here. In 1981, it opened a large aquarium and a year later, it expanded and introduced the world's largest ever crystal exhibition.

    It continued to come up with several world's firsts such as the exhibition of the Solar Challenger which was the world's first successful solar powered airplane in 1982 and 1983 and a planetarium. This planetarium had for the first time in the world equipment for computer and video projection ...

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  • Virginia, USA's first theatre, The Byrd Theatre, was opened on December 24, 1928 and was then known as Richmond's Movie Palace. It was named after the founder of Richmond, Virginia, William Byrd II, and is a cinema house in Carytown, near Richmond, though its original name was the State Theater.

    It was designed and executed by architect and contractor Fred Bishop in the French Empire period style. It cost builders Charles Somma and Walter Coulter $900,000 to build. It was built to accommodate 916 people in the orchestra seating area and balcony audience of 476 people. The balcony is opened whenever required or when the Byrd Theatre Foundation receives a donation ...

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  • The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is a prestigious art museum situated in Richmond, Virginia, United States. It opened in 1936 and is owned and managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, while private sponsorships, donations, funds and endowments for specific programs and acquiring artwork.

    It first opened in 1919 on Judge John Barton Payne's donation of 50 paintings made to the Commonwealth of Virginia in collaboration with the then Virginia Governor John Garland Pollard. In some time, they chose Richmond's Boulevard as the museum site.

    It was designed by architects Peebles and Ferguson of Norfolk, and its design style has sometimes been described as Georgian Revival and at other times English Renaissance ...

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  • The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is situated in Richmond, Virginia, and is dedicated to the famous American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Poe, however, never lived in this building but it commemorates the time he lived in Richmond. This museum, in its original form, was built by Jacob Ege.

    The museum is significant because it houses one of the world's largest collections of his letters, original manuscripts, first editions, personal effects and memorabilia. It also gives visitors an overview of Richmond in the early 19th century where Poe lived and worked on his books.

    In 1922, the Old Stone House, now the museum, was opened and contains all his detective fiction novels, science fiction, horror stories and lyric poems ...

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  • Overlooking the James River in Virginia, United States, Agecroft Hall is an estate built in typically Tudor style. It was originally built in Lancashire, UK, towards the end of the 15th century. It was the family home of the Langley and Dauntesey families of Lancashire which was auctioned in 1925. Thomas C. Williams, Jr. of Richmond bought it and had it shipped to the Atlantic and then assembled at a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, called Windsor Farms.

    Today, the recreated Agecroft Hall stands as a museum which exhibits 15th century lifestyle. It is replete with genuine period pieces and portraits of its owners belonging to that age ...

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  • The Virginia Holocaust Museum is a museum in Virginia State that depicts the horrors of the Holocaust as its victims experienced it. It was co-founded by Al Rosenbaum, Holocaust survivor Jay M. Ipson and Mark Fetter in 1997. The museum was open to the public in 2003. In its first year, it welcomed more than 10,000 visitors mainly from the United States and from Asia, Europe and South America. A lot of school groups come here each year.

    The museum was built from the research and memories of the horrors of the genocide associated with Adolf Hitler. The exhibits in this museum were designed to be realistic, as if visitors were right there when the persecutions happened ...

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