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Williamsburg Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Williamsburg

7 /10
In Virginia State's James City County, you'll come across a very vibrant and fun theme park called Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It is located 5 km southeast of Williamsburg. It is themed around European history and culture and you can see this in many of its attractions.

It was originally called Busch Gardens: The Old Country, because of the recurrent European theme but in the 1990s, it was renamed Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Once more in 2006, it was renamed Busch Gardens Europe, again with the motive of reflecting the European theme but in 2008, it reverted to its earlier name, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA branding.

This park is well-known for its collection of coasters such as Apollo's Chariot, Griffon, Alpengeist, The Big Bad Wolf and the Loch Ness Monster coaster with its high-tech dark ride, The Curse of DarKastle, it's amazing landscaping and great food... read more arrow

* Regular pre-pandemic touristic activity level.