Sydney Harbour Bridge - Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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The Sydney Harbor Bridge is an iconic image, along with the Opera House, of the city of Sydney in Australia.

Climb the Harbour Bridge

Experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the most thrilling way possible with BridgeClimb, an adrenalin sports company that will take you up and over the southern half of the bridge. You can opt to climb at dawn, during the day, at twilight or at night, with the full experience taking just over three hours. If you’re short on time, you can opt for the Express Climb that takes you to the middle of the bridge and up to the top in a little over two hours or the BridgeClimb Sampler, which ascends to the inner arch in an hour and a half.

The BridgeClimb is fully harnessed and guided, with a comprehensive briefing and assistance every step of the way. There are also dedicated climbs with Mandarin-speaking guides and special climbs for events such as Australia Day and Anzac Day. Children must be over the age of eight years to participate in BridgeClimb tours, and while there is no maximum age, you must be in good physical health to meet the demands.

Want somewhere unique to propose to your loved one? More than 4,000 couples have become engaged during their Sydney BridgeClimb experience, while others have used it as their setting to get married, 134 meters above the water below.

BridgeClimb operates the Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre, which showcases the history of this iconic landmark through interactive exhibits, videos and photographs. They also manage The Pylon Lookout and you’ll receive a free entry pass when you book a climb with them. 

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