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Luna Park Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Fronted by its famous nine-meter-wide smiling face, Luna Park Sydney is an amusement park situated at Milsons Point on the northern shores of Sydney Harbour. While it originally opened back in 1935, it’s undergone numerous name changes and revamps since then, reopening in 2004 after an extensive redevelopment. A number of its buildings are heritage-listed and it has been a popular filming location for movies and television shows.

The Midway is the main thoroughfare in Luna Park, providing access to Coney Island, Crystal Palace and the Big Top. Sideshow games like “Laughing Clowns” and “Goin’ Fishin’” line the way, together with thrill-seeking rides such as the “Hair Raiser” and the historic “Wild Mouse”. The Ferris Wheel and “Tumblebug” can also be accessed from here, along with the “Ranger” and “Breakdance”.

Coney Island - Funnyland retains many features from when it first opened in 1935 and is the only 1930s funhouse left in the world. It includes rotating barrels, large slides and moving platforms, as well as a range of different arcade games. There are old photographs and memorabilia detailing Luna Park’s history and a range of slides and amusement rides that date back to its opening (although they have been upgraded to meet modern safety standards).

The Big Top provides a setting for international artists and musical concerts, as well as award shows and presentations. Martial arts and darts competitions have also been held here, together with trade shows and other large-scale exhibitions.

Many of the rides geared towards young children are now situated in Maloney’s Corner, named after one of Luna Park’s long-time employees. There is a miniature Ferris wheel, “Magic Castle” and “Space Shuttle”, as well as a car “train” that runs along a short track. 

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