Sea Life Sydney Aquarium - Sydney, New South Wales

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Home to more than 700 different marine species, the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is one of Australia’s largest and most impressive aquariums. It’s set across 14 themed zones, including Jurassic Seas, the Shark Walk, Dugong Island, the Southern Ocean and the Discovery Rockpool, as well as the world’s largest display on the Great Barrier Reef.

The exhibits cover both fresh and saltwater environments, including Australia’s riverine species and the fragile nature of these ecosystems. You can walk through the underwater tunnel of Shark Valley (within what is one of the world’s largest oceanariums) to witness lemon sharks, gray nurse sharks, zebra sharks and eagle rays. Then see two of only five dugongs on display in the world from the above and below viewing tunnels of Dugong Island.

The Great Barrier Reef exhibit includes a tropical touch pool where you can interact with some species, as well as an immense oceanarium with a constant water temperature of 25 °C. There’s also a live reef theater where you can observe the activity taking place in the coral canyon through a large window.

Don’t miss the little penguin's habitat within the Southern Ocean exhibit or the displays showcasing the marine species found in Sydney Harbour. Then step into the aquarium’s newest zone, Jurassic Seas, to witness some of the world’s most prehistoric marine creatures, many of which live deep down on the ocean floor.

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is located on the eastern side of Darling Harbour next to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, which provides a home to native Australian wildlife. 

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