Sydney Tower Eye - Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Soaring above the city skyline as Sydney’s tallest structure, the Sydney Tower Eye measures in at 309 meters. It features a 360-degree observation deck that offers unparalleled panoramas across the city, making it one of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions.

Look out across the iconic beaches of Sydney through high powered binoculars, with views stretching all the way to the Blue Mountains in the distance. The Observation Deck also features multilingual touch screens to help you learn more about the landmarks being viewed across the city, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Entrance to the Sydney Tower Eye also includes Australia’s first 4D cinema experience, offering a unique perspective on the city and why it draws millions of visitors each year. In addition to 3D visuals, it features wind, water and bubbles, offering a cinema experience like no other.

For a more adrenalin pumping encounter, you can also join a guided Skywalk around the exterior of the Sydney Tower Eye. You’ll be suited up and harnessed to an external platform for your safety, then take your first steps on the glass-bottomed walkway. This is not for those who suffer from vertigo, with a scarily realistic sense of just how high up off the ground you are (268 meters to be precise)!

Skywalk tours run for 45 minutes, with the option for a VIP package that includes professional photos to remember it by. If you want a more personal experience with your loved one, you can also opt for a special couples private tour. 

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