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Fiji Islands Country Guide


Fiji is a group of islands neighboring Tonga and Rotuma. Fiji inhabitants are mainland Fijians and Indo-Fijians. The history of Fiji is so colorful that it undergone several administrations and rulers but the islands are able to keep its culture untainted. Thus, a visit to Fiji Islands can incorporate modern tourist offerings with cultural heritage that is intrinsically Fiji Islands.

The things to do in Fiji are dizzying and thus, it is recommended that before you pack your back and go to Fiji Islands, you have to research your destination considering the activities you want to get into.

To give you an idea, here is a short list of tourist attractions you may endeavor to take when in Fiji Islands.

Of course, the first thing you have to know about Fiji of any other destination you want to visit would be the weather. Fiji Islands weather is tropical and mostly warm year round. You have to wear comfortable clothes, and keep sun block handy.

Now, let us go on to the fun things to do in Fiji islands.

Beach Fun

Because Fiji Islands is composed of several islands, beach fun is very common. Picnic, beach sports and mere sunbathing could be a major activity you can enjoy.

Diving in Fiji

For the adventurous tourists, diving in Fiji is another popular activity you can get your self into. You will be guided by experienced divers and let to enjoy the life under the blue waters and be a witness to soft coral reefs underneath.

Over water activities

You can also take a trip around the Fiji waters by kayaking, surfing and snorkeling. Another fun way to enjoy the waters would be through a glass-bottomed boat where you will be witness to everything under the water without getting yourself wet.

Cruise tours are likewise available for tourists who want to enjoy the sun and the water. Many tour operators will be glad to host you in your trip so that you will take advantage of everything that the Fiji Islands has to offer.

Land Tours

If you however are not water fanatic, then there are tours you can take.

One of which would bring you to the Koroyunitu National Park where you will experience the natural beauty of Fiji. The flora and fauna of the islands are pride to its inhabitants and thus you will surely enjoy this activity to no end.

You will have an encounter to locals and even a chief while you camp or hike in the National Park.

If you are a golfer, you will surely love the experience to play in more than twelve golf courses that dots the islands. The challenges of the hills and valleys would be good enough including the lush green landscape that preps you for a magnificent game.

Finally, because of the intrinsic beauty of the flora, fauna and sea life in Fiji, many honeymooners love to stay in the islands. Some even hold the ceremonies in luxurious resorts especially in the Wadigi Island.

You can include several activities in your honeymoon but if you want a quiet and romantic honeymoon, Fiji can very well provide this to you.

Fiji Islands has many political issues that run decades, however, because of the tourism magnificence many still love to go there. Just keep away from politics and you are well on your way to enjoying the superb tourism that Fiji Islands has to offer.

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