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Solomon Islands is a collection of islands in Melanesia. One significant island in the Solomon Islands is Guadalcanal which is the venue where severe fighting in the World War II happened. This is known as the Battle of Guadalcanal.

This is a fact and as a manifestation, there are several war wreckages you can visit if you want to take your vacation in the Solomon Islands.

While these war wreckages are good to visit for a historically inclined tourist, there are several must-visit destinations in the Solomons as well.

We will give you herewith a short list of the things you can do in Solomon Islands.

After reading, we hope that you will give it a shot to enjoy the pristine offerings of Tourism in Solomon Islands.

Fun things to do in Solomon Islands

The most popular activity in the Solomon Islands of course has to do with the water. Diving in Solomon Islands is sought after but Solomons fears of its decline because of infrastructure and transportation issues. However, for the adventurous tourist, this should not be an issue because the experience one will have under the waters of Solomon Islands is sure to take back whatever issues you may face.

Dive under sea wrecks where schools of fish reside and enjoy the coral reefs that developed through the years.

You may also experience the ancient art of shark calling in the islands of Laulasi and Busu.

In this you will witness a ritual which turned into a tourist attraction where you will witness a boy feeding sharks and climbing in its back to swim around the lagoon. This is a ritual done in the olden days and may still be witnessed up to this time. The ritual is preserved because of belief by the natives that their gods remain alive as sharks.

Trekking Tours

You may also take a tour in the remote Temotu Province where modern life has never tainted. In this province, they are still using the red-feather money to buy products. This place is quite remote but offers a guided tour where trekking is the major attraction.

Another tour you may enjoy would be the visit to the wreckage from World War II. Apart from this, Guadalcanal offers other interesting places to visit including the National Museum in Honiara where traditional artifacts and historical photographs are preserved.

Cultural Center visit where the different architectural styles of all the eight provinces of the islands are in exhibit.

Other things to do in Solomon Islands

Visit to the Iclarm Clam Farm where studies about the regions giant clams are being exhibited.

You may also find a handicraft center where fine woodwork, pottery and copper produce are on sale.

Feed the food and shopping lover in you. Vegetables and fruits are on sale in local markets including shell jewelries and other artifacts.

Solomon Islands is a vacation destination. Combining the exciting tours and activities will complete a wonderful visit to this tropical paradise.

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