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Top 2 Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Popular Ecuador landmarks and tourist spots

  • Galapagos Islands thumbnail
    Part of the Galapagos Islands west of Ecuador's mainland.
    About 1,000 km off the western coast of Ecuador, a Galapagos Island tour offers a thoroughly unique experience. The only water park is the ocean, and the only rides have sails or two wheels. There is no place like them anywhere else on Earth. The Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador could be among the last truly unexplored frontiers on the planet ...

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  • La Mitad del Mundo thumbnail
    A "mystical" photography of the Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador.
    Orange four person icon
    La Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador features a curious attraction – it lies smack in the middle of the world, which is exactly what La Mitad del Mundo means. La Mitad is to be found beyond the Pomasqui village, near the village of San Antonio del Pichincha. A long avenue there that features a monument that they say lies on the equator or near it. This is where you go if you want to see the earth's waistline ...

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