Guyaquil is Ecuador’s largest city and is the capital of the Guyana’s Province. It is located on the Guyana River in the northern side of the Gulf of Guyaquil that lies near the equator. This city is Ecuador’s main city because of the presence of the port. Also it is city where most of the manufacturing industries are located. The city has an International Airport, which the main form of communication. Although there is also a developed railway network but that mainly serves the interior.

Guyaquil has lot to offer to the tourists. The cathedral and the Church of San Francisco are the landmarks here. The University of Guyaquil was founded in 1867 and happens to be a beautiful architecture. The city’s foundations were laid in 1537 by the Spanish. It was that time known as Santiago de Guyaquil. In the earlier times, the city was always under the attack of the pirates and was several times looted and destroyed. Yellow fever was the major disease that plagued Guyaquil ever. In 1942, an earthquake shattered the city in a major way.

One of the main tourist hubs is La Rotunda. It is a stunning monument that speaks about the meeting of Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. In this meeting it was determined that a Greater Columbia will be formed which included Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

Yet another attraction is the church of Santo Domingo. The church was built in 1547 and is the oldest church in the city. The church was in a dilapidated condition but was restored some 390 years later.