For people looking for an incredibly beautiful vacation spot, San Antonio, Ecuador (Sierra Highlands region) has so much to offer. For those who love the beauty of the mountains, combined with the refreshing hot springs in the midst of beautify green valleys and historic treasures, this is the place to select for the next vacation. From the Ecuadorian Andes to the majestic Pacific ocean, the scenery alone is breathtaking. It also hosts the famous Mitad del Mundo (the "center of the world") monument. For those who have selected the San Antonio, Ecuador Sierra Highlands, these are some of the highlights and interesting things to do: 1. There are a number of spectacular Parks in this beautiful country, and located at the Tropic of Cancer, its climate is warm with the ocean breezes and the cool weather from the mountains. 2. For visitors traveling in June, the Inti Raymi is a festival celebrating the ancestors the harvest, the renewal of their spirit and relationship with Mother Earth. 3. With the original indigenous people in Ecuador living there circa 12,000BC, there’s an abundance of historical and cultural ratification for the museums, such as the Archaeology Museum and the National Museum, that visitors will be amazed for hours. 4. For the outdoorsy people, white-water rafting, horse riding, bicycling, diving, mountain climbing, the list continues for those adventure-oriented travelers. 5. Birdwatchers from all over the planet gather for the World Bird Festival in October when the beautiful avian creatures are honored and celebrated. Therefore, a truly great place for a unique vacation, the San Antonio, Ecuador Sierra Highlands is highly recommended as truly fascinating.