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Paraguay Country Guide


Located in the heart of Latin America, the country of Paraguay is the smallest of all the countries that make up the South American continent. It is also one of the two countries in this part of the world that is completed bordered by other countries. Once considered to be a land where some of the fiercest warriors thrived in rich and fertile landscape, the area has been also the heart of the Spanish rule when the Inquisition conquered and took control of this part of the world.

Paraguay River divides the country in two from north to south. The Gran Chaco lies in the northwest region of Paraguay, which is a flat and dry plain. This region is hot and the annual rainfall here amounts to about 50 to 100 cm only.

Just like the other countries that surround Paraguay, the country’s history has been characterized by communist governments, political unrest and civil war. But that is all in the past. And while Paraguay is still considered to be a developing country as compared to its neighbors, the country has been moving up in terms of the tourism industry. Today, centuries-old customs from the indigenous people and the influence of the Spanish Inquisition, as well as traditions observed in other countries bordering the country has made the culture in Paraguay one truly unique and something worth discovering.

Because of its location, Paraguay is one country that any traveler can visit anytime of the year. Its pleasant tropical climate has made Paraguay the haven of some of the most beautiful and exotic plant and wildlife species.

If you are looking for a place where you can experience the natural beauty and wonder of this country, head out to the town of Encarnación. It is a quaint little town where one can get lost in the beauty of the lush, rolling hills and bubbling streams. The Paraná River that crosses this town is a beautiful place to enjoy some water activities such as fishing and kayaking. The banks are a welcome spot for those who are looking for a place to go hiking or just some place where one can relax and simply commune with nature. Before you head out to Encarnación, make sure to make a stop to visit the ruins of the Jesús y Trinidad. Recently, the ruins have been recognized by UNESCO as a Treasure of Humanity. It is a great place to see the influence that the Spanish Inquisition once had in the whole of Paraguay.

For something a bit on the modern side, visit Paraguay’s capital of Asunción. Here, you can catch some of the up and coming actors as they perform in the Lírico Theater or sample some of Paraguay’s local flavors. Shopping malls line the streets of the city which would be a delight to anyone looking to get a great bargain. When the sun goes down, the city comes alive with nightlife spots where you can party through the wee hours of the morning.

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