A beautiful, sprawling 102 acre park in the middle of a city, Elizabeth Park offers some of the most beautiful gardens and contains some of the most unique plants in all of these wonderful parks in Hartford, Connecticut. This is originally the estate of Charles Pond who was once the President of the Hartford Trust as well as the Connecticut State Treasurer. When Mr. Pond died the entire estate was willed to his beloved city with the requirement that it be used as a park named after his wife Elizabeth. Take a tour of the wonderful Elizabeth Park and plan on enjoying some of the most delightful aspects, as well as events, around this garden: - One of the favorite places in the entire park is the rose garden that covers approximately 2½ acres and contains over 800 different species of roses – and some 15,000 plants. - During certain times of the year, the greenhouses are open to the public where they can see incredible poinsettias in the wintertime and some of the most amazing flowering bulbs, Bird of Paradise flowers, cactus, and thousands more varieties. - Take a stroll down the Tree Trail, which is a spectacular mile-long walk in which over 40 different species of trees are beautifully arranged along the walk. - Bring a picnic and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the pond. Take a day while in Hartford, Connecticut, and visit the wonderful Elizabeth Park and enjoy one of the most spectacular parks in Hartford.