One of the beautiful capitals in New England is Hartford, Connecticut that is located on the beautiful Connecticut River. One of its nicknames is the “Insurance Capital of the World” because more insurance companies call Hartford their home than any other city in the country, and Mark Twain declared it was one of the most beautiful towns that he had ever seen. Hartford was originally names in 1637 and incorporated as a city in 1784, making it one of the oldest cities in America. There are a number of activities and sites to see in Hartford, such as: - For travelers who love museums, the Wadsworth Atheneum is identified as the oldest museum of art in the country and is a permanent home to many masterpieces that are traditional, impressionist, modern, and is a great museum to visit. - One of the most beautiful parks, and certainly the oldest, is the Bushnell Gardens. With beautiful rose gardens and statuary, it’s a great place to stroll or have a picnic and enjoy its splendor. - Opera lovers will enjoy the performances of the Connecticut Opera, one of the oldest operas in the country. - Sports enthusiasts will enjoy football, ice hockey, rugby, and occasionally a basketball game with the Boston Celtics, a baseball game, or even a game of golf in one of the nearby golf courses. When traveling to New England, make sure to take some time to spend in Hartford, Connecticut, and see some of the great local sites.