Hartford is the Connecticut State Capital and was built in 1872 and is one of the most architecturally stunning capitals in New England. Since it's one of the largest buildings in the state, it houses the Connecticut House of Representatives, and it's made of magnificent granite from Rhode Island and marble from the area around East Canaan. This is one of the attractions in Connecticut that visitors from all over the world come to enjoy, and it's became an Historic Landmark in 1971. Some of the most remarkable features of the Connecticut State Capital include: - Some spectacular statuary decorates the grounds of the building with various figures throughout Connecticut's history. - There are 15 tympana over the doors and an assortment of high reliefs depicting various events in the history of the area and the state. The 'Charter Oak' was is located here and was the first sculpture. - A magnificent domed tower is over 30 feet tall and is topped with a 55 foot cupola with a 75 foot drum below. The towers combined height is nearly 260 feet. - A pair of matching stairwells that was designed in the 1870s reflects the beauty and grace of the building. - There architecture and accents in this building are truly amazing. - The two wings of the building are designed with a beautiful combination of the beautiful granite and marble from around the state. When in New England, make sure to spend some time at the Connecticut State Capital.