One of the most beloved writers of the late 19th century was Samuel Clemens, and the Mark Twain House is one of the most popular historic sites in Hartford, Connecticut. The Clemens moved to Hartford in 1871 and began building this house in 1873 with some of the most contemporary designs of the time that Olivia Clemens hired Edward Potter to design. They finally sold the home in 1903. There are several points of interest to see around the Mark Twain House, such as: - Stroll around the home itself and see the 'Ombra', the drawing room, the library, dining room, kitchen, the billiard room, bedrooms, and hall, and view one of the most beautifully decorated homes in the country. - The museum contains the Aetna Gallery that has a standing exhibit depicting Mark Twain's life and his great literary works. - There are special showings in the Theater that features various documentaries of Mark Twain's life. - The Museum's store contains an assortment of books – certainly a great selection of stories that he wrote over the course of his lifetime, as well as various memorabilia, and other gifts and keepsakes of the home and his life. - Once visitors have seen the home and museum, the café is just perfect for dining and offers a great selection of both Japanese and American cuisines. - The grounds are perfect for enjoying a picnic. The Mark Twain House is one of the best and most historic places to visit in Connecticut.